Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Faithfulness= Loyalty,

My morning seemed like a usual start with my toddler saying "mama" and my dog Sadie heading for the back door, which indicated she needed to use the bathroom. After getting everyone situated I felt a strong need to turn on the television, and I kept flipping channels until I came across brother Copeland and Jessie Duplantis talking about being faithful. For the next 5 minutes I felt like God was in the room with me and telling me to stop ignoring his call on my life to be faithful in a particular area. I felt him saying, "If you are not faithful in this area, then you will not see my blessings in other areas of your life." Wow! I needed that today.

What is God telling you to do today? Spend more time with him? Volunteer at your church, spend time at the nursing home, or spend more time developing the business idea he gave you? Whatever it is, this blog is his warning sign to you. Let us work on being faithful!

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